WELL – Water Efficiency Label

Quality seal of the European sanitation industry for water and energy efficiency: top marks for Hansgrohe

Do you value responsible use of water and energy? Do you want economical products with state-of-the-art technology? With a simple letter code, WELL, the quality seal of the European sanitation industry, indicates how efficiently mixers and showers deal with water and energy. Perhaps you know all about this already, from fridges or washing machines. Hansgrohe SE has products tested and has many mixers and showers with a place in the top category.

What WELL says about environment and climate protection

WELL gives you clear guidance for making your purchasing decision: Class A denotes the most efficient use of resources. The flow rate and water temperature are evaluated in the mixers and showers tested. The WELL label makes a distinction between the private sector (efficiency class A to D) and the public/commercial sector (efficiency class A to F). The European Valve Manufacturers Association (EUnited Valves) provides certification with the “Water Efficiency Label”.

WELL-certified basin mixers for the private sector

Examples of top rating WELL class A**** are:
  • Mixers in the Metris range;
  • Mixers in the Talis range;
  • Mixers in the Focus range.

WELL-certified basin mixers for the public sector

Certification of building materials and installations is becoming increasingly important, particularly in public buildings or hotels. The potential for saving water and energy
is coming under increased focus.
Top rating WELL class A****** goes, for example, to:
  • Electronic mixers in the Metris S range;
  • Electronic mixers in the Talis range;
  • Electronic mixers in the Focus range.

Top marks also for hand showers in the private sector

Hansgrohe is the first manufacturer to submit a hand shower for WELL certification. Hand showers with WELL class A** (two stars maximum possible) include:
The WELL quality seal evaluates water consumption and energy efficiency

Cost savings documented and certified: the Water Efficiency Label

Examples of hansgrohe products awarded with the WELL environmental seal


What makes Hansgrohe products so environmentally friendly?

Thanks to EcoSmart technology, all hansgrohe basin mixers only consume approximately 5 litres of water per minute. And less energy is needed to heat up the water, thus saving both resources and money. The flow in the hand showers is also automatically limited to around 6 litres per minute – while maintaining consistently high levels of comfort. This technology, plus other innovative functional features, are great reasons for choosing Hansgrohe.

More information about WELL

Water consumption under scrutiny: the classification system of the European sanitary valves industry

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