Home furnishing trends brighten up bathrooms and kitchens

A gallery of current home furnishing trends – for bathrooms and kitchens

More atmosphere, new design, a greater focus on well-being – life is full of changing trends. We check out the current interior design, bathroom and lifestyle trends for you: our trend scout Heinz Kaiser has taken a look around the trade fairs and boutique locations. Here you will find regularly updated inspirations from all the trend spots.

As you will see: interior design, bathroom and decorative ideas mutually influence one another – the trends in our galleries have a whole lot of suggestions to offer you!

People in the kitchen.

Enjoy spending time in the hub of your home: good ergonomic design in the kitchen allows you to tackle all your chores more quickly and conveniently. hansgrohe products support the trend towards having more convenience around the sink, the very heart of the kitchen.

Large bathroom featuring geometric shapes.
Linear bathroom design is now the trend. The uncluttered look, featuring precise geometry, is perfectly complemented by hansgrohe bathroom mixers and showers.
Woman at the kitchen table with a sink.

Kitchens are being transformed into living spaces: useful features are merged to create an attractive room concept, where kitchen mixers from hansgrohe integrate perfectly.

Stop The Water While Using Me shower gel.

Feeling and looking good is great for people, animals and the environment: eco-friendly shower products are very much on trend.

Wash basins in front of an unrendered wall.
Rough walls with a thick, heavy feel are becoming popular in interior design. hansgrohe bathroom design looks stunning set against an elegantly rustic background.
Open-plan kitchen in a loft apartment (Siematic).

Cooking, eating and living spaces are all combined to form one communicative unit. hansgrohe kitchen mixers perfectly complement this trend with their function and design.

Shower enclosure from Glamü.
Interior design, tailored to personal preferences and achieved with skilled finishing work.
Single lever mixer with open-ended glass spout.
The current trend in interior design is for transparency and clarity.  In line with this trend are the latest hansgrohe products, which make use of glass and unmask those elements that are usually concealed.
Decorated wall tiles in the shower.

Bringing a new dimension to bathroom design: with fresh patterns and a natural look 

Wall drain for floor-level shower.

The floor's continuous surface makes the bathroom look uncluttered, while enhancing its convenience

Bathroom as a place of wellbeing.

Transform the bathroom into a personal feel-good room with customised collectibles

Flush-to-floor shower area in the bathroom from Hüppe

Bathroom design that is fit for the future and supports users in many different ways

Stylistic imitations of yesteryear and classic furniture are making their mark on interior design, and bringing new life to bathrooms too.

Rustic wooden panelling behind a cosy sofa.

In home décor the current trend is for the natural look, with wood becoming increasingly popular. The warm, genuine charm of wood works really well in the bathroom too.



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