Showers from the hansgrohe brand

Meet the beauty of water.

Think a shower is just a shower? Take a shower with hansgrohe. You will be able to feel and see the difference: our showers gently douse, wonderfully refresh and vigorously massage. Thanks to the wide variety of overhead, hand and side showers, not to mention shower systems, you will have no problem finding the perfect shower for your shower area. Let yourself be pampered: make showering fun, with up to sixteen different jet types, countless shower sizes and award-winning designs. Check out innovative Select technology, which allows you to select jet types at the touch of a button. You will probably never want to shower any other way again.

Take showering to the next level – with hansgrohe technologies
hansgrohe showers work using innovative features that guarantee more fun, a greater sensation of well-being and comfort in the shower. Not to mention water-saving properties and water efficiency:
  • Select: Select your shower pleasure at the touch of a button
  • AirPower: voluminous, soft droplets guarantee a more enjoyable shower
  • XXL Performance: for a truly lavish shower
  • QuickClean: rub away limescale etc. in an instant
  • EcoSmart: save up to 60 percent of water, protect the environment

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