Axor electronics.

Axor electronics

The ultimate in design and technology

Axor electronic mixers for the wash basin combine functionality and technology with exclusive design. They offer ultimate convenience and efficiency: not only are the non-contact mixers hygienic, they are also economical to use. The intelligent electronics guarantee that water only flows when it is needed. This minimises resource consumption.

The innovative sensor technology is integrated discreetly and makes for a minimalistic mixer design.

Overview of Axor electronic mixers:

Axor Citterio electronic wall mixer.

Electronic mixers

As well as the benefits in terms of hygiene and efficiency, Axor's sensor-controlled basin mixers are also impressive because they require minimal maintenance: no manual operation means no water or soap dripping on the mixer body. The electronic basin mixers in the sleek design of Axor Citterio and Axor Uno2 offer solutions for various wash basin scenarios, with a wall version that is available in two spout lengths. All other models are available for mains or battery operation and, optionally, with individual temperature control.

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Axor electronics

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