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Shower systems: Showerpipes and shower panels

More shower, more comfort, more fun in the shower

Do you dream of standing under a large rain shower? It is amazingly easy to incorporate a hansgrohe overhead shower into your bathroom – with no elaborate refitting, and you can even do it retrospectively. “Showerpipe” is the solution. It consists of an overhead shower plus hand shower with mixer. Or “shower panel”; i.e. an already pre-assembled shower system. The Select technology makes hansgrohe showerpipes truly impressive. We have practically unlimited resources for you to choose from in terms of comfort, design and enjoyment. Everything is controlled at the simple touch of a button.

Hansgrohe showerpipe.

Showerpipes – the quickest way to get your rain shower

Whether you are looking to build anew or to retrofit: hansgrohe shower systems are convenient solutions that will considerably enhance your bathroom. These beautiful ensembles are called Rainmaker Select Showerpipe or Raindance Select E 300, and they consist of an overhead shower, hand shower and thermostatic mixer. Retrofitting made easy with Raindance Connect: here, a hand shower is turned into a shower system in an instant.

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New all-in-one system for a pleasurable shower experience that is a cut above the rest

Are you looking to modernise your bathroom, and would you love to experience showering on a grand scale? hansgrohe has combined the top-quality Rainmaker Select overhead shower with the spacious shelf of the ShowerTablet Select 700 just for you. This Rainmaker Select Showerpipe features a consistent, intuitive operating concept that works at the touch of a button and will send you straight to shower heaven. The shower system is easy to install onto existing connections and is easy to clean thanks to its large, flat surfaces made of glass. The glass spray disc on the overhead shower is laser-cut and the water is sprayed out of up to 244 jets. It features a white background – so will integrate seamlessly into the architecture of your bathroom.

Hansgrohe shower panel.

Shower panels – top solutions for all-round water fun

A complete pampering range consisting of overhead and hand showers with different jet types plus full-body massages from side showers. All components are already integrated in the easy-to-install shower panels. Particularly attractive for families is the height-adjustable Raindance Lift shower panel – for different requirements within the household.

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Advantages of hansgrohe shower systems:

  • A wide range of products. Browse through our many models and price categories, find your own personal shower solution – and transform your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation.
  • Minimal planning work. If you wish to renovate your bathroom quickly, these complete solutions are ideal. This is because they eliminate the need for time-consuming planning and installation of individual components.
  • Easy installation. It is easy for the plumber to connect up the system in your shower or bath tub in place of your old mixer. No annoying ripping out of the wall.
  • They are very impressive thanks to innovative hansgrohe features such as AirPower and QuickClean, and they offer XXL Performance.

Raindance Select E 300: featuring the button for all generations

The design makes showering a truly fun experience. And the intuitive operating concept even more so.
The Raindance Select E 300 showerpipe offers maximum convenience, with Select buttons on the hand and overhead shower for shower and jet selection. Select up to six jet types simply by clicking: three different jet types from the overhead shower plus three from the hand shower. This makes showering a captivating experience for all age groups and body sizes. Experience Select your Shower Pleasure.

Choose from two surface finishes:
a) fully chrome-plated products
b) fresh two-colour design in chrome with white spray disc

Croma Select Showerpipe: the new convenience product

The Croma Select Showerpipe is an all-in-one system which will pamper you with its five jet types, all at the touch of a button: three for the hand shower and two for the overhead shower. The latter can be swivelled, so it can be positioned without any regard to your connections. The shower system is easy to install on existing water connections – ideal for quick bathroom renovation. Also available in an EcoSmart version with water consumption of just 9 l/min, and in various designs and surface finishes.

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