ShowerSelect thermostatic mixer with hand shower

Shower control

Control your own showering fun – manually or electronically

Your reliable bathroom partner: hansgrohe offers a variety of thermostatic mixers that you can use to control the water to suit your needs. Which means that you can enjoy carefree comfort, and are protected from unpleasant fluctuations in temperature. This will enhance your bathroom, both technically and visually. New top hansgrohe products for you:

ShowerSelect with glass surface

Shower control

Here you will find all shower control units from hansgrohe – ranging from the simple thermostatic shower mixer through to the ultra-modern control centre featuring a shelf area made of safety glass and Select buttons. From the chic, space-saving thermostatic mixer that disappears beneath the plaster (for one or more shower/s and for up to four consumers) to the electronic shower control system RainBrain.

hansgrohe shower control ( of )


Current hansgrohe highlights are –

  1. Exposed installation: ShowerTablet Select. The Select buttons are intuitive to operate – for people of all ages. With their glass shelves (300 and 700 mm wide), the multifunctional designer thermostatic mixers offer plenty of space for shower utensils. These “Tablets” are truly eye-catching around the bath tub too.
  2. Concealed installation: ShowerSelect pre-fab sets. Here too, you can switch showers on and off or change jet types at the simple touch of a button. Use these to implement shower solutions with up to four consumers. New aesthetic concealed unit: ShowerSelect with smooth glass surface.

A plus for the environment: the hansgrohe Select buttons function purely mechanically – so you don't require any additional electricity.

Exposed and concealed thermostatic mixers


Regulate the water to suit your individual needs – using manual control systems for one or more showers

  • ShowerTablet Select 700
  • ShowerSelect glass thermostatic mixer
  • ShowerTablet Select
  • Ecostat Select
  • Ecostat Comfort
  • ShowerSelect concealed installation for one shower function.
  • ShowerSelect concealed installation for two functions.
  • ShowerSelect concealed installation for three functions.
  • ShowerSelect concealed installation for four functions.
  • ShowerSelect concealed installation with hand shower

Electronic control – intuitive mini-computer

RainBrain is the name of your multi-functional shower control centre. It is also installed in the wall. From there it controls everything electronically: overhead, hand and side showers, comfortable temperature, light and music. Send your personal music selection to your shower from your mobile phone, via Bluetooth. Ideal if you are looking to completely redesign your bathroom.

Just tap on the touchscreen with your finger and relax, sing and let all your senses be stimulated. Here's how it works: Start RainBrain animation.

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