Decorative tiles in a floor-level shower.

Fascination with tiles

Bringing a new dimension to bathroom design: with fresh patterns and a natural look

Playing around with tiles awakens a whole new level of creativity: with innovative surface finishes, refreshingly new patterns and a variety of shapes. In the shower area or around the bath tub, strikingly large formats exude a hint of luxury and are low-maintenance to boot. The unique bathroom style is underlined by reliefs and 3D effects, surfaces that are inviting to the touch and even pre-manufactured patina. Last but not least, the variety of formats and interpretations of valuable natural stone offer you some exciting opportunities for design. Your local bathroom professional and dealer can help you with this. hansgrohe has taken note of the new tile trends at current trade fairs.

Wood and stone interpreted in ceramic form

Tiles can tell stories: they simulate the warmth of wood, even the haptics and patina of typical textures are mimicked in the design. The formats are similar to those of typical boards, with subtle shading making them reminiscent of coloured, lacquered wood. In terms of ease of maintenance and robustness, nature's models have been surpassed. This also holds true for the sophisticated replicas of marble, limestone and other natural stones: structure and haptics can scarcely be distinguished from the originals, however the surfaces are usually considerably more durable. Tiles owe this to their specific composition as well as to the firing process.

The larger formats make for an enhanced overall impression of luxury

The new, mesmerising large formats enhance the options for designing the shower area – an area which, these days, is increasingly incorporating more surface area than it did in the past. You can already get tiles in one metre lengths or larger: these dimensions make the bathroom architecture appear spacious, and look particularly good in combination with floor-level showers – which are also currently on trend. With their minimal joint patterns, large formats tend to leave an impression of tranquility and opulence. This is also true of mosaics with gold leaf or pre-manufactured mosaic panels, which resemble images from some ancient villa. These extravagant individual items perfectly complement custom-finished mixers from the Axor Manufacturing Department.

Graphics and floral patterns: shades of the seventies

The latest decorative tiles also encourage playful participation in the history of design. This is reflected in trendy patterns from the 1960s and 1970s. In addition we have wall and floor panels in modern ceramics, which look like factory tiles but with art nouveau inlays. When it comes to these references to old craftsmanship, which relate back to a time when they still used templates and casting technology, we see contemporary manufacturing really coming into its own: the sixties/seventies look meets modern ease of maintenance.

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