Water in abundance? Tips for saving water.

Make use of Hansgrohe’s tips for saving water and save water the easy way

What you can do for the environment and your wallet on a daily basis

Water is precious. We should conserve it – for the sake of the environment and our wallets. Yet all too often, too much of this precious resource trickles down the drains in our bathrooms and kitchens, unnoticed. And as we often use hot water, we not only clock up water costs, but energy costs too. However, just making a few small changes to our everyday habits can help to reduce consumption – without compromising convenience in any way.

For example, if you still have old mixers in your bathroom or kitchen, or an outmoded shower system, this will often be reflected in your service or utility charges. Modern washing and sanitation systems generally use considerably less water, which means less energy used on the hot water supply! Household water consumption can often be reduced by fitting a new mixer or shower head. At hansgrohe you will find the perfect, effective solution for the shower, bath tub, sink, and more.
Our tips for saving water will help you identify the biggest water guzzlers in your bathroom and kitchen, in turn helping you to consciously reduce your everyday water consumption.

Easy to do: saving water in everyday life

Tip 1: Hansgrohe’s free energy and water-saving calculator
Tip 2: Don’t leave the tap running!
Tip 3: Repair dripping mixers
Tip 4: Take a shower instead of a bath
Tip 5: Automatically save water with Hansgrohe EcoSmart technology
Tip 6: Optimise your WC flush and therefore water consumption
Tip 7: Take note of energy efficiency and water consumption when buying appliances
Tip 8: Reduce hot water consumption - reduce CO2 emissions
Tip 9: AirPower technology: Get more fun from less water
Tip 10: Single lever mixer instead of two handle mixer

Water-saving tip 1: Use Hansgrohe’s free savings calculator

If you would like to work out how much water and energy you could save in your household, try out our free online savings calculator! Simply enter the number of people, type of energy, water price, and your estimated shower time in minutes - the energy and water-savings calculator will do the rest and provide you with the relevant information.

Water-saving tip 2: Don’t leave the tap running

We often leave the tap running while we wash our hands, clean our teeth, or shave. Depending on the mixer, some 5 to 20 litres of water are wasted this way – and what’s more, every minute!

Our tip: Turn off the water when you don't actually need it. When cleaning your teeth, you can use a tooth brush tumbler. A wet shave requires only a small amount of water, which you can run into the basin before shaving. To make it as convenient as possible to turn the water on and off, Hansgrohe has developed mixers with a practical Select function. Water flows at the touch of a button - and can be turned off just as quickly.

Tap with Select button

Basin mixers with Select technology from hansgrohe

Hansgrohe mixers with Select function allow the water to be turned on and off at the touch of a button. The temperature is set by rotating.

Basin mixer from hansgrohe ( of )


Water-saving tip 3: Repair dripping mixers

You might think that one dripping mixer will hardly affect your water bill. However, the amount of dripping taps adds up when you consider every household – plus the extra consumption becomes an unnecessary factor in water treatment for the municipality.

Our tip: Get dripping mixers sealed as soon as possible. Sometimes simply replacing a seal is enough to do the environment good. In the online spare parts catalogue, you will find the right spare parts even for older hansgrohe taps.

Water-saving tip 4: Take a shower instead of a bath

An average filled bath consumes around 130 litres of precious water.

Our tip: Take a shower instead of a bath! Taking a shower uses far less water. This is especially true if you use a Hansgrohe shower featuring EcoSmart technology. Our free energy and water savings calculator will show you just how much water you can save!

Incidentally, the most economic showers are those such as the Crometta 85 Green hand shower. This Hansgrohe shower consumes just 5.7 litres of water for every minute you spend in the shower (at 3 bar) – while you still enjoy the ultimate showering experience. A bath may well be wonderful, but perhaps you could save it for just a few special moments of indulgence a year?

Water-saving tip 5: Automatically save water with hansgrohe EcoSmart technology

The innovative EcoSmart technology from hansgrohe reduces water consumption, while maintaining the same level feel-good factor. With this water and energy-saving technology, Hansgrohe is promoting greater water efficiency.

Our tip: Get an EcoSmart mixer or shower.

EcoSmart in mixers:
Mixers featuring hansgrohe EcoSmart technology consume up to 60% less water than conventional products. A precision elastomer reacts automatically to changes in the water pressure and changes its shape, ensuring that the water flow is constantly limited to around 5 litres per minute. Save water and energy the smart way with hansgrohe EcoSmart mixers – and conserve valuable resources.

EcoSmart for shower heads:
With an EcoSmart shower from hansgrohe you can save up to 60% water when showering compared with a conventional shower head. The inner workings of a hansgrohe shower make all the difference: the water flow is automatically limited to around 6 to 9 litres per minute. Since less water needs to be heated, EcoSmart also helps you save energy.

Combined with hansgrohe AirPower, another innovative technology from the hansgrohe spray research team, you can use mixers and shower heads with EcoSmart technology without compromising on convenience!

Cut water consumption with hansgrohe Eco

Mixers and showers from hansgrohe - many with EcoSmart

If requested, many hansgrohe mixers and showers also come with EcoSmart technology. Use the practical filter function on the product overview page. 

Mixers and showers from hansgrohe ( of )


Water-saving tip 6: Optimise your WC flush and therefore water consumption

Large quantities of drinking water rush through the toilet flushing system every day - often completely unnecessarily.

Our tip: It's worth installing a flush/stop button or a dual flush system. Short flushes don't usually require more than 3 litres of water. This can save up to 8,000 litres of drinking water per person per year (= 8 cubic metres).

Water-saving tip 7: Take note of energy efficiency and water consumption when buying appliances

Older mixers, shower heads, washing machines, or dishwashers often use considerably more water than newer energy-efficient appliances.

Our tip: When buying a new washing machine, dishwasher, mixer or shower head, pay attention to their energy efficiency class. Which appliances save particularly large quantities of water and energy? Opt for eco-friendly models rated class A, or even better: A+ or A++.
Did you know that lots of Hansgrohe shower heads and basin mixers have received top marks because of their environmentally friendly features? Find out more here: WELL – the eco quality seal of the European sanitation industry for water and energy efficiency.

Talking of efficiency: don’t run washing machines and dishwashers half empty. Only set the machine going when it is optimally loaded. More often than not, the pre-rinse or prewash program is not necessary. For slightly soiled laundry, lots of washing machines have an environmentally friendly short wash cycle.

Water-saving tip 8: Reduce hot water consumption - reduce CO2 emissions

Anyone without solar collectors on the roof or not using geothermal energy invariably consumes fossil fuels for hot water provision. Therefore: Anyone who saves hot water not only reduces carbon dioxide emissions, but also energy costs. A household of four people can reduce consumption of CO2 by up to 600 kg per year by using water-saving showers.

Our tip: A basin mixer with hansgrohe CoolStart technology reduces your energy consumption – and automatically reduces CO2 emissions too. After all, with these mixers hot water only flows when you really need it. How does that work? When the single lever mixer handle is set to the middle position, only cold water can flow. Hot water will only be sent through the pipelines if it is deliberately added. This innovative technology marks a new trend in the bathroom sector, protecting both the environment and your wallet.

Reduce energy costs with hansgrohe CoolS

Single lever mixers from hansgrohe also with CoolStart technology

Some hansgrohe mixers are also available with CoolStart technology. Hot water only flows if deliberately added. Only cold water flows when the handle is in the central position.

Mixers from hansgrohe - also with CoolStart technology ( of )


Water-saving tip 9: AirPower technology: Get more fun from less water

Many people think that less water means less shower enjoyment. Hansgrohe finally managed to put this idea to rest at the beginning of the new century!

Our tip: When it comes to a new shower head or mixer, why not choose a model with hansgrohe AirPower technology. The invention is as simple as it is brilliant: less water + more air = full shower enjoyment! To achieve this plenty of air is added to the water. This makes the droplets plumper, lighter and softer. This means that the full warmth of the water is felt on your skin and the water splashes less. Enjoy feeling luscious pearls of hansgrohe AirPower water all over your skin when showering. The shower spray is fuller and water consumption lower. AirPower – enjoy a more intensive, eco-friendly shower.

Lower water consumption with AirPower

Hansgrohe mixers and showers - also with AirPower technology

AirPower technology mixes generous quantities of air into the water. The result is a velvety soft, full water jet that sprays less and needs less water. Use the filter function to search on the product overview page.

Mixers and shower heads from hansgrohe ( of )


Water-saving tip 10: Single lever mixer instead of two handle mixer

While you are waiting for the water from the tap to get to the right temperature, plenty of it literally goes down the drain unused.

Our tip: It is quicker to set the required water temperature with a single lever mixer than with a two handle mixer which means the amount of water going to waste is reduced.

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