Profirennradfahrer Peter Sagan genießt nach einem anstrengenden Rennen eine erfrischende hansgrohe Dusche.


A Shower? Great Idea – but Not Right Away

hansgrohe shower tip: A proper shower boosts regeneration after sports

Some like it hot, some like it cold. But everybody agrees on one thing: there’s nothing more refreshing than taking a shower after an intense workout. Perspiration and fatigue are simply washed away, we feel fresh and re-energised. But what is the best way to shower after vigorous physical activity to help the body regenerate?

Showering properly after engaging in sporting activities plays an important role as it can prevent inflammation and sore muscles. But before jumping in the shower right after a workout, we should give our exhausted bodies some time to cool down. The body needs about five minutes to wind down and reduce sweating. After a short break, it is advisable to shower off with cold water. The reason is that when we exercise, not only do our pores open, but our blood vessels dilate as well. Showering with cold water causes them to contract again. That’s why it is advisable, even for people who prefer warm or hot showers, to at least shower the legs briefly with cold water. This improves vascular muscle tone while protecting the skin against spider veins and varicose veins. In addition, so-called contrast showers, which alternate hot and cold water, help strengthen connective tissue.

Taking showers that are too hot or too long dries out our skin because water strips it of its natural protection by removing the protective oils in the skin barrier. As a general rule, the drier the skin, the cooler the water temperature and the shorter the shower should be.

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