Axor Bouroullec Composer

Axor Bouroullec Composer

Plan your own personal wash basin and bath tub online step by step

What does freedom in the bathroom mean? With Axor Bouroullec there are no limits to what you can accomplish in creating your dream bathroom. The Configurator enables you to have fun discovering all the unique opportunities offered by the Axor Bouroullec open system.

Because this Axor bathroom collection gives you the freedom to decide for yourself: “Feel Free to Compose”. Combine your ideal wash basin with the mixer you prefer, and put everything in place to match your functional and aesthetic requirements. You can also enjoy the same selection options for the bath tub. Here you can also combine your ideal mixer with the type of operation that suits you best, and decide on where to place all the elements.

Which bathroom would be perfect for my lifestyle?

This Configurator will help you to think about the central issues even before you have a concrete plan: How much space do I have in my bathroom? How am I going to install the wash basin? How do I want to utilise the water? What functions are important for me?

Space-saving? Child-friendly? Energy-saving? Classic?

Here's how it works: Perfectly tailor your wash basin or bath tub to suit you and your needs with Axor Bouroullec.
For example:

  • create space by placing the mixer outside the wash basin. This keeps the shelf space free; 
  • make it child-friendly by placing the handle within easy reach of children standing in front of the wash basin; 
  • save energy by having two separate handles for hot and cold water. The cold water handle is installed in front of the hot water handle because it's the one at the front that we instinctively grasp hold of;
  • give it a classic design by placing the tap in its traditional place at the back centre of the wash basin.
  • make it ergonomic for you personally, for example if you would prefer to fill up the bath tub and use the hand shower at separate places on the bath tub rim or the tile edge;
  • make it space-saving and low-maintenance with a wall mixer for the bath tub, optionally with shelf.

Discover the wide range of possibilities that the Composer has to offer. You can save your personal design. Take along a print-out of it when you go for a consultation with your dealer. This will help you make great strides in achieving your own personal dream bathroom.

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